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Our hardware encoders/decoders and digital media servers support 1080p and ultra HD resolution (4 magpixel and beyond) with ability to deliver exact pixel for pixel quality at full monitor rates at the remote end with very low latency over standard data networks (encoders can be configured to operate at a range of 500Kbs to 90Mbps based on desired customer configuration).

Our ability to transmit/encode multiple-video sources and deliver them in time-sync to multiple remote locations, allows true real-time collaboration and productivity. Our Digital Media Servers allow multiple-video streams to be stored in sync as a single session and allows playback/review of multiple-stream videos with bookmark and annotation capabilities during live or post sessions using a windows based platform.

We offer Web based software tool and management server to configure and manage this system remotely.

We have had a fair amount of success in the defense, medical and oil & gas exploration market segments, where our systems are deployed in flight simulators, virtual warfare centers, mission command and control, cardiac surgical theaters and telemetric, and offshore drilling applications. We have several years of proven product deployment in 24/7 environments, with Premium Service plan options.

HD Cameras


Real time ultra HD video and high resolution desktop graphics encoders/decoders

Digital Media Servers

Record, relay, playback and distribute multi stream video over IP networks

Management Server

Windows Software Client Player

Authoring tools


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Homeland and
Business property Security

MasonIP Decoder

Small Form Factor Set-Top Box
Hot!!! New XP 100

HD Video & Graphics Streaming
V2D XP-200

V2D XP 200
HD Recording Relaying & Playback
DMS Collaboration Server
DMS Cpllaboration Server

Web Based Management
MS 100

MS100 - Web Based Management

Software media Player
PC Desktop Client

PC Desktop
Distribute and Archive
DVD Authoring Tools
DVD Authoring
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