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Desktop Visualizer VZ-9plus The Second Edition

The VZ-9plus is the top model among WolfVision's "portable" Desktop Visualizers.

In addition to all features of the Visualizer VZ-8plus3, the VZ-9plus includes Ethernet/ LAN connectivity, advanced network features, LCD-preview monitor, digital scaler, turntable, 1-step setup with flexible viewing area, sRGB color precision and many other "high-end" features.

The VZ-9plus comes with a sensational 1-CCD camera with 30 frames per second and native SXGA- (1280 x 960 pixel) and 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixel) resolution.

820 Lines (1050 lines in image turn mode) are visible on a projection screen or monitor. This is 70 lines more than the new VZ-8 Visualizers (third edition).

Amongst the many features the VZ-9plus has to offer is it is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

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WolfVision's High Quality Standards

Mechanical quality is a basic requirement for all WolfVision products. WolfVision units are solid and can hardly be damaged. They are built to last a very long lifetime.

If you want to check out the difference in mechanical stability and reliability between a WolfVision Visualizer and any other document camera on the market, just "touch" the units. You will immediately "feel" the difference.

WolfVision Visualizers have always been famous for their outstanding picture quality, which is due to a perfect mixture of high end components and remarkable know-how.

Perfect picture quality means high resolution throughout the whole picture (including the edges), lifelike colors, high frame rate, fast and precise auto focus, smooth zooming, an overall distortion free picture, even lighting without reflections or hot spots and much more.

WolfVision's high priority on perfect picture quality can be seen on the wohle product line - from the entry level to the top of the line Visualizers.

The picture quality of a Visualizer or camera can only be as good as its weakest component. The following 5 basic elements are responsible for perfect picture quality, as found on all WolfVision units:

High End
Camera Lens
High End
Image Sensor (CCD)
High End
Electronic Hardware
High End
Software (Firmware)
High End
Light System

Click here for more details on WolfVision picture quality

Extremely High Resolution, 820 Lines, Native SXGA- and 720p High Definition

The VZ-9plus features a sensational 1-CCD camera with 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 frames per second.

This is native SXGA- resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The camera also outputs native 720p HD (High Definition) with 1280 x 720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Using a display device with 1280 x 960 (or more) pixels, 820 lines of resolution are visible on your screen. But even when the image is downscaled by the Visualizer to XGA and output on an XGA display device the resolution is still around 740 lines. This is a much higher resolution than a native 1-CCD XGA camera can provide.

Even though the camera and lens are identical to the one used in the new VZ-8 Visualizers (third edition), the VZ-9plus outputs 70 lines more resolution, which proves just how much electronic hardware and software with even more computing power can do.

All current WolfVision Visualizer models can pick up 30 pictures (frames) per second in every resolution. There is almost no difference in the smoothness of motion, when compared to PAL/NTSC video cameras. But the resolution is much higher!

The image is output on RGB (15-ping D-Sub/VGA-plug) and DVI-I ports (HDMI compatible).
Auto Resolution: The Visualizer recognizes units connected to the DVI and RGB output and automatically selects the perfect output mode.
High End Digital Scaler

The high end scaler of the VZ-9plus can scale the picture at the image source. As a result the picture quality is not only perfect in native resolution, but also in all scaled signal formats:

Native outputs SXGA- 1280x960 pixel - 4:3
WXGA 1280x800 pixel - 16:10
720p HD 1280x720 pixel - 16:9
Converted output modes (4:3) UXGA (1600x1200)
SXGA+ (1360x1024)
SXGA (1280x1024)
XGA (1024x768)
SVGA (800x600)
Converted output modes (16:9 and 16:10 Widescreen) WUXGA (1920x1200)
1080p HD (1920x1080)
WSXGA+ (1680x1050)
WXGA+ (1440x900)
WXGA (1360x768)

The Scaler can also process the signal from the external input and output it in the same mode as the Visualizer image (For example: If the Visulizer is set to output an XGA image to the projector and the computer outputs an SVGA signal, the scaler of the Visualizer converts the SVGA image of the computer to XGA. As a result the projector does not readjust the input mode when switching between the Visualizer and computer image)

In addition the scaler also allows the image from the external input to be output on the DVI output.

Widescreen Support

The CCD of the VZ-9plus camera has a pixel matrix of 1280 x 960. This is the SXGA- standard with an aspect ratio of 4:3. In addition, this CCD delivers a native 720p HD (High Definition) signal with 1280 x 720 pixels and a widescreen image ratio of 16:9.

The image can also be output in the following additional 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen formats:1080p HD (High Definition) at 50 or 60 Hz, WXGA and WSXGA+. All widescreen projectors, monitors or plasma displays on the market can display at least one of these standards.

If new standards come up in the future, WolfVision will be there with Firmware Updates!

sRGB Color Precision

WolfVision Visualizers have always been famous for their perfect colors. The outstanding color precision even meets the high requirements of the sRGB standard.

Click here for more information on sRGB color precision.

Built-in LCD Monitor

The Visualizer has a built-in LCD monitor on the left upper corner of the slightly oblique working surface.This is the perfect place for a monitor as the presenter always sees it from almost every angle.

The built-in monitor makes positioning of objects very easy and there is no need for an additional control monitor on the table.

Ethernet (LAN) Port / Advanced LAN features NEW

The VZ-9plus is equipped with a LAN port (10/100 Mbps). It is IP-addressable, so that it can be controlled from any computer in the network. It can also be controlled over the internet, if it is assigned an official (WAN) IP-address. The LAN-port is a key feature of all high-end Visualizers from WolfVision.

VZ-9plus Visualizers produced since August 2008 (starting with serial number 1008068) have the following additional LAN-features:

  • Authentication
    In order to prevent unauthorized users from logging into the Visualizer over the network, it is now possible to set administrator and user passwords. The transmission of the passwords over LAN is encrypted with MD5.

  • Multicast and Singlecast Streaming
    The VZ-9plus now offers streaming of live images from a Visualizer in Singlecast (Unicast) and Multicast mode.

    (In Singlecast mode each computer opens a separate connection to the Visualizer, which requires a lot of bandwidth if many clients are connected. Multicast is like a broadcast - many clients are watching the same video stream. In Multicast mode the bandwidth is always the same, no matter how many computers are connected. However as many routers do not support Multicast it can not be used everywhere. This is why both streaming modes are important.)
Integrated Seamless Switch NEW

VZ-9plus Visualizers produced since August 2008 (starting with serial number 1008068) come with an integrated Seamless Switch.

This allows fade-over/dissolve effects when switching between the Visualizer image, the image from the external input, the internal image memory of the Visualizer and pictures on an USB-stick.

This feature makes switching from one media to the other appear very smooth and professional.

1-Step Set-up 

The Visualizer can be set up in 1 second. With just one simple pull, the arm comes up, camera and light automatically move into the working position and the unit switches on.

Just as easily, it folds back into its compact size, to be neatly stored during or after a presentation.

Recordings Behind the Unit, with Turntable

When objects are too big to be placed on the working surface or need to be shown from the side (like glasses of liquids etc.), just tilt the camera head and the light of the Visualizer and pick-up objects behind the unit. That's what all WolfVision Visualizers can do.

But the VZ-9plus makes recording outside of the working surface even more comfortable as it is mounted on a turntable. In this way a Visualizer can be used just like a camera on a tripod. Even horizontal pan shots are possible.

Flexible Viewing Angle

Another very comfortable feature for recordings outside of the working surface is the flexible viewing angle.

Sometimes a lower viewing angle than the one from the normal working position would be required. In such cases just fold the arm of the Visualizer down as much as required. The arm remains in this position, to shoot objects from any angle.

Recordings in Front of the Unit, with Image Flip

The Visualizer can not only record objects from behind the unit. The camera head can also be turned to record in front of the unit.

This is perfect for recording a speaker or charts on a wall behind the speaker. When the camera is turned to record in front of the unit, the image is automatically turned around 180 degrees ("image flip"), because normally such recordings would be upside down.

With the turntable of the VZ-9plus it is very comfortable to follow a speaker or pick up charts on the wall during a presentation. It's just like a camera on tripod!

48x Zoom (12x Optical and 4x Digital)

A large optical zoom range is one of the most important features of a Visualizer. It is absolutely necessary that objects in every size can be picked up in full resolution.WolfVision's optical 12 times zoom offers the possibility to pick up objects as large as an open book (370 x 276mm / 14.6" x 10.9") and as small as a stamp (33 x 25mm / 1.3" x 1") in full size to fill the screen.

For enlarging even smaller objects down to 8 x 6 mm
(0.3" x 0.25") the Visualizers also offer a 4x digital zoom.
This enables users to enlarge objects such as a very small coin.

Due to the large range optical zoom, it is not necessary to use much of the digital zoom, so in most cases, you can work with full resolution.

Live to Freeze Comparison

The DVI- and RGB outputs of the Visualizer can be set to output different signals. One of them can always output the live image of the Visualizer camera, while the other one can be set to output a "freeze" image.

This can be used for a "Live Picture to Freeze Picture Comparison" on two monitors or screens with just one Visualizer.

While one monitor or screen displays a "freeze" image that can be used for comparison, another monitor or screen can be used for presenting the live image from the Visualizer.

"Image Turn" Mode for Higher Resolution

Picking up a complete vertical (portrait) letter or A4 sized page has always been a critical issue for a Visualizer because the image has always been picked up in a horizontal (landscape) format. As a result, only 50% of the camera pixels could be used to pick up the vertical (portrait) document.

WolfVision's unique "Image Turn" mode solves this problem. The user places the document on the working surface horizontally and zooms in on it completely. In doing so, approximately 90% of the camera's effective pixels are used to pick up the document. WolfVision's state-of-the-art electronics turn the image to a 90 degree angle and output it in a vertical format with 40% higher resolution. The margins left and right are blacked out.

In this mode, the resolution of a complete vertical (portrait) document is much better. Even 8-point characters are now readable. Another advantage of the image turn mode is that very long vertical pages (like US legal format) can be picked up completely.
100% Reflection free Working Surface / Slide-through

Due to the clever design of the housing, the whole working surface is completely reflection free.In the upper part the working surface, where the light is normally reflected into the camera, the surface is slightly curved, so that reflections are not possible on any part of the working surface.

The new, flat design also allows moving objects around on the whole working surface without any obstacles. Even oversized documents (like the calendar seen in the picture on the left) can be moved to the back without being blocked by the device.

Firmware Updates through RS232, USB or Ethernet (LAN)

WolfVision's Visualizers are the only units on the market that offer upgradeable firmware. This allows new features and technical improvements to be added at no cost!

Downloading firmware updates from the internet and uploading them onto a Visualizer can be done in a couple of minutes, with just 4 mouse clicks, using the latest version of WolfVision's Connectivity Software.

The user can choose from 3 different connections between Visualizer and computer for updating the firmware: Serial (RS232), USB or Ethernet/LAN.

WolfVision's engineers are constantly working on new improvements and features to keep your units up to date with the technology of tomorrow!
USB 2.0 Port / Twain / Video Capture / AVI

The USB port of the Visualizer can be used to transfer images from a Visualizer to a computer and save them in JPG, TIF or BMP format. This way, Visualizers can be used as scanners for 3-dimensional objects.



WolfVision's USB Software (Connectivity Software) works under Windows 2000, XP and Vista and is fully Twain compatible. This is important when using Visualizers in connection with popular graphic programs such as Photoshop, or for connecting them to Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards). A USB Software for Apple Macintosh is also available. Click here for a detailed description of the WolfVision Connectivity Software

WolfVision Visualizers are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 port. This allows for uploading images onto a PC in a fraction of a second. It can also output live motion. The WolfVision Connectivity Software can store AVI-files and includes a video capture driver. You can view and save the live image from the Visualizer on your computer in almost every modern video editing software.

Lightfield for Slides

The Visualizer has a built-in lightfield for slides. It is situated on top of the working surface, just beside the LCD-monitor.

No Focus Adjustments Necessary

The continuously working autofocus recognizes every object quickly and precisely. As a result, the presenter never needs to worry about focusing. The high speed of the autofocus is due to a special WolfVision software, which is analyzing 30 frames per second.

For special objects, a manual focus is also available

New Camera Head / Zoom Wheel / Easy Handling Concept

For smooth presentations, it is necessary that the Visualizer is very easy to use. Everyone should be able to operate the Visualizer immediately, without any instructions.Normally users need only to use the zoom wheel on top of the camera head. Everything else (focus, iris etc.) is adjusted automatically.

The zoom wheel offers the possibility to zoom with varying individual speeds.

The other 5 keys on the camera head include important functions like autofocus on/off, manual focus, freeze and Ext/Int. More functions are available on the remote control.

Most functions on the Visualizer can also be controlled without remote control. Functions like menu settings and Preset 1 are available as double functions if the keys on the camera head are pressed for 1 second.

Light System

Flexible spot light: The light system of the Visualizer is almost a "light projector". It is equipped with a custom made diffuser lens to assure a very even lighting without a hot spot.The light can be turned around vertically at an angle of 270 degrees. So it is possible to illuminate just about everywhere on and outside of the working surface.

The light of the Visualizers is focused on the working surface. Neither the audience nor the speaker will be blinded in a darkened room and there is no disturbing stray light from the Visualizer on the projection screen.

For recording objects at greater distances to the device, the close-up lens of the Visualizers can be hinged away from the camera. It won't get lost because it remains attached to the unit.
Special Surface for Transparencies 

All WolfVision Visualizers have a special crystalline white working surface for perfect reproduction of transparencies. The quality of a transparency on this surface is even better than with a bottom light, because there is more contrast and the colors are not "washed out".

The whole working surface has the same even color thus providing the perfect background for transparencies and other objects.

For x-rays or oversized slides, external lightboxes are available.

Optimized for Video Conferencing

WolfVision's camera electronics produce a very strong and stable picture, which is very important when a Visualizer is used as a document camera for videoconferencing systems.

The even lighting, smooth auto iris and perfect focus are very important features, enabling video conferencing systems to digitize and transfer the picture from a WolfVision Visualizer much faster than pictures from other document cameras. Furthermore there is no blinding stray light from a WolfVision Visualizer, which could disturb the auto iris of the room camera.

Of course these features are equally important for live image presentations with a data projector and for other Visualizer applications.Due to features like "Turntable" and "Image Flip" the VZ-9plus also works perfect as an additional room camera of a videoconferencing system. The Visualizer also supplies the proper signal for modern widescreen videoconferencing systems.

9 Picture Memory

Split image of 9 picture memory

The user has the opportunity to store 9 images and recall them by just pressing one of the numerical keys on the infrared remote control.

By pressing the "All" key, a split image with all 9 pictures of the memory can be displayed, enabling easy selection. The 9 pictures in the memory can also be downloaded to a PC via USB and they remain in the memory even when the power is disconnected.

Infrared Remote Control

The VZ-9plus is supplied with a remote control. In addition to the features described above, the remote control also offers:

- Manual focus
- Auto focus on/off
- Manual iris
- 3 user programmable presets
- Laser pointer
- Easy navigation for on-screen menu and on-screen help

External Controlling - Enhanced RS232/LAN/USB-Protocol NEW

The Visualizer offers 4 different possibilities to control the unit from external devices, such as a remote control system for the whole room, a video conferencing system or a computer:

  • Serial RS232
  • USB
  • LAN
  • Infrared

The Enhanced Protocol of the VZ-9plus supports the same professional commands over the RS232-, LAN- and USB-port. Thus the units support all of todays and tomorrows external controlling devices.

Computer Input (Internal/External Switch)

A computer can be connected to the RGB input (15-pin D-Sub-plug) of the Visualizer. With the Ext/Int switch, a user can switch between the Visualizer image and computer image to be output by the Visualizer's RGB output (15-pin D-Sub-plug) and DVI output.

Therefore, only one RGB or DVI cable is required to be attached to the display unit (projector, monitor, video conferencing system etc.) and no separate remote control has to be used for switching between the two image sources.

The Visualizer has a built-in A/D-converter in order to digitize the analog RGB signal from the computer and output it on the digital DVI output.

Text Enhancer / Negative / Negative-Blue
with Text Enhancer

WolfVision Visualizers offer many possibilities to improve the readability of text.With the "Text Enhancer" function, the outstanding contrast of the picture is improved even more with colors only slightly darker than before.

Dark text on a bright background can sometimes be easier to read if the Visualizer is switched to "Negative" or "Negative/Blue".

For special applications (like analyzing x-rays), the image can also be switched to Black and White.
Anti-theft devices

The Visualizer has two anti-theft devices.

On the bottom of the working plate (in the center of the turntable) is a thread for attaching the unit to a table with the supplied table lock bolt. T-Lock (KensingtonR Lock) devices can also be used. The connection can be found on the bottom of the arm.

Easy to Carry

The Visualizer alone weighs only 5 kg (11 lbs). Together with its carrying case and power pack, it still weights only 7.8kg (17lbs).

WolfVision's Portable Visualizers come in a high quality carrying case, with pockets for all needed accessories.

The soft case has an expandable side pocket for a small LCD-projector or notebook.


We offer 3 years warranty on all Visualizers and Cameras!

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