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Simplicity, Security and Scalability

Version 3.x


Features & Enhancements

IP Video System’s Version 3.x architecture is a revolutionary approach to the management and control of rich video, audio, and data streams; as the backbone of IP Video Systems’ industry leading TeleCollaboration solution, Version 3.x provides major advancements in simplicity, security, and scalability.

Version 3.x Software Features and Enhancements include:

  • Advanced user interface
  • Policy based management
  • Scalability through Multi-DMS and NAS support
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Automatic Network Routing
  • Additional TeleCollaboration Features
ver3x cover

Advanced User Interface
IP Video Systems’ Version 3.x user interface was designed with one thing in mind – simplicity. Version 3.x provides users complete control over the specific information they see on the front end, minimizing distractions and clutter, while providing a whole host of new features. The new interface enables users to achieve the results they want more quickly and easily.

The following are a few of the highlights of the new 3.x user interface:

  • View up to 16 different live or recorded streams in one integrated media player window, with various preset or customized layouts
  • Take keyboard and mouse control of any of the 16 streams with the click of a button
  • Remotely control the content and layout of media walls driven by IP Video Systems’ decoders
  • Dynamically hide columns from lists, and panels from screens, to only see the key information necessary to efficiently complete mission critical tasks
  • Save and configure filters to quickly sort through data based on user specified criteria, with the click of a button
  • Quickly setup complex sessions involving numerous assets, using drag-and-drop and multi-select functions

Policy Based Management
The Version 3.x architecture uses a combination of both role-based and rule-based policy specifications to allow quick and easy policy setup, alongside granular control of almost every action allowed by the system.

Role-based permissions are assigned to users for different functions; viewing or modifying users, assets (encoders, decoders, recorders), or modifying policies in the database. Users can be granted permissions to view or modify either all entities, or a predefined subset of them, using a flexible and sophisticated tagging system.

Rule-based permissions are specific to in-session actions individuals can perform, whether it be as broad as which pre-configured sessions a user can start, or as specific as which metadata tags a user can place on a file.

The figure below shows the typical components (IP Video Systems’ Encoder/Decoder - Transport, Digital Media Server - Recording, Desktop Software Client - Playback, and Admin Interface - Management) of the IP Video Systems’ TeleCollaboration solution, powered by the new Version 3.x architecture.

vers3x mediaserver configuration

Scalability Through Multi-DMS and NAS Support
IP Video Systems’ Version 3.x release is offering two new distinct features, Multi-DMS and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Support. Together they bring the IPVS event capture and playback offering limitless capacity and endless scalability.

NAS Support
Customers can now mount one or more NAS units onto IP Video Systems’ Digital Media Servers, and store their event recordings onto the NAS. With this, customers now have infinite storage capacity limited only by the total capacity and throughput of their NAS devices. Because customers can store their recordings on the NAS instead of only the DMS, alongside the additional storage capacity, customers get the added benefit of being able to use their pre-configured data backup and management tools for their recordings.


The Multi-DMS feature allows users to synchronously record or playback video streams to/from multiple Digital Media Servers at once. The version 3.x architecture inherently takes care of synchronizing all record/play/pause/stop events across each of the devices. As a result customers can expand the capabilities of IP Video Systems’ industry leading standard of recording or playback of 50 synchronous HD streams. With the new Version 3.x Software release, IP Video Systems has blown away its previous mark to establish a new limitation… infinity.

Application Programming Interface (API)
The XMPP-based Application Program Interface, for distributed media control, affords organizations custom integration of IP Video Systems’ devices and their functions into their own third party applications and everyday workflow.

The API allows the following main functions:

  • Device information, monitoring, and configuration
  • Session configuration, scheduling, and start/stop
  • Distributed and synchronized PVR and recording control of a limitless number of live or recorded streams, on multiple recorders
  • In-Session Media control activities, such as bookmarking and stream switching

Automatic Network Routing
The Version 3.x architecture incorporates a unique routing algorithm that allows users to connect to any permissible asset on the network, with the click of a button. Now users can quickly connect to any entity without wasting precious time determining whether they need multicast or unicast, which pre-configured bandwidth and compression profile to connect with, or what specific hops the data packets should travel through in order to establish the connection.

The version 3.x routing algorithm requires very little initial input from the network administrators. Administrators initially specify media servers as recorders and or gateways, and the bandwidth profiles certain devices can connect with.

The algorithm uses that initial data to dynamically establish the most efficient network routes for a connection, while taking into account the following potentially dynamic conditions:

  • Current devices in use and at what capacity (DMS is out of licenses, or only one of the two XP-200 channels are connected)
  • Number of users attempting to join one session or view one device
  • Specific network parameters for one or more of the network hops (multicast and/or NAT enabled/disabled)
Additional TeleCollaboration Features
  • Transport, capture and playback up to 3840 x 1200 display resolution
  • Overlay multiple video streams on a single display with downscaling and transparency control
  • Bookmark and annotate live and recorded streams
  • Export recorded sessions on removable storage for archival and distribution
  • Local monitor, keyboard, mouse, and ethernet* loopback
  • Chromakey capability on local desktop window
  • Ethernet Loopback on V2D XP 100 Encoder/Decoder

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