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MPRO Systems

MPro Systems
Professional Audio and Video Product Representation Serving The Broadcast, Production, and Post Production Markets.

Address 2315 Malia Court
Acton, CA. 93510 USA
Phone: 661-269-0009
Fax 734-758-2703

Dynamic Performance Technologies

Dynamic Performance Technologies, Inc.
Serving the professional broadcast, production and post-production community with products, services, marketing and integration.

112 Grason Vista Drive
Queenstown, MD 21658
Phone: 877-321-4959 - 973-701-7554
Fax: 973-701-7742



What's New

Homeland and
Business property Security

MasonIP Decoder

Small Form Factor Set-Top Box
Hot!!! New XP 100

HD Video & Graphics Streaming
V2D XP-200

V2D XP 200
HD Recording Relaying & Playback
DMS Collaboration Server
DMS Cpllaboration Server

Web Based Management
MS 100

MS100 - Web Based Management

Software media Player
PC Desktop Client

PC Desktop
Distribute and Archive
DVD Authoring Tools
DVD Authoring
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