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MasonIP Professional Decoder

MASONIPWhat Is The MasonIP?

The Wired MasonIPT is a professional-grade network-attached video and DVD decoder designed to deliver unmatched flexibility, accuracy and image quality for the most demanding playback and proofing applications.

When You Need Proof
The MasonIP is the ultimate tool to verify the quality of your standard or high-definition streams or for proofing the authoring of any DVD project.

MasonIPIts robust design and construction can stand up to the rigors of round-the-clock use. The MasonIP can decode nearly every flavor of SD and HD video and output it to virtually any professional monitor or consumer TV. A unique browser-based configuration makes setup a breeze. Its highly accurate playback of DVD projects save time and money, by eliminating the need to burn discs for most proofing.

Quality Control in its DNA
Proven in some of the world's leading authoring houses, the MasonIP offers proofing capabilities you won't find in any other system. The optional QC Suite and Control Surface keypad make short work of essential QC tasks. Whether you are checking the encoding of high-value video streams or proofing a highly complex DVD title, the MasonIP delivers where it really counts.

Why Mason?
You won't find chrome buttons or dancing blue lights, but you will find superb design, high quality components, and a field-tested interface. Like all Wired products, the MasonIP is designed and built in Silicon Valley, California.

We would be happy to discuss how the Mason IP can work for you!

Key Features

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