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Visual Collaboration Solutions in Film and Video

YBK Enterprises offers Advanced Visual Collaboration Solutions consisting of a full suite of hardware and software that allows real-time sharing, transport, recording, and distribution of HD video & graphics over IP Networks.

Our real-time Advanced Visual Collaboration products allow our customer to remotely and securely view, share, record, and control the post production workstations' including ultra HD video & graphics over ip networks.

The hardware encoders/decoders and digital media servers support 4:4:4 encoding and ultra HD resolution (4 megapixel and beyond) with ability to deliver exact pixel for pixel quality at full monitor rates at the remote end, with very low latency over standard data networks.

Our ability to transmit/encode multiple-displays and deliver them in time-sync to multiple remote sites simultaneously, allows true real-time collaboration and productivity. The Digital Media Servers allow multiple-video streams to be recorded/stored in sync as a single session and allows playback/review of these videos in a collaboration or independent session with bookmark and annotation capabilities during live or post sessions.

In Film/Video production, we offer real-time remote desktop sharing and control which allows teams to manipulate and collaborate in real-time on the live video image that they are seeing, allowing expert advice and second opinion on production process.

Our encoders and recorders offer ultra HD video & graphics streaming (2560x1600 or 3840 x 1200) .

With dynamic source and video resolution switching, our encoders allow exact pixel by pixel view of the local monitors/displays at remote location. Since the hardware encoder connects on the DVI/HDMI cable output to the monitor, we encode and transmit what the local team is viewing to remote locations. Multiple video stream and audio can be synchronized and recorded as a single session, allowing remote viewing of the entire session or selected streams during or after the live session.

Since the video streams are distributed over standard IP networks, mobile teams can connect over LAN or WAN to access this data using our hardware decoder which required only a monitor to view the remote video. Our software based Windows Media Client allow software decode of single or multi-screen (up to 16 stream) which also includes remote desktop control.

Using a Digital Media Server (DMS) along with the Encoder/Decoder allows flexible recording, relaying and archiving of the multi stream - live event . Relaying allows a single source to be distributed to multiple sites (unicast or multi-cast).

Our Authoring Tools allows DMS recorded content to DVD / Flash Media for distribution in original or standard video formats (using transcoding).

We offer Web based software tool and management server to configure and manage this system.

Please visit the product page to learn more: http://www.ybkenterprises.com/products.html

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