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Real-time HD Multi-stream Recording and Bookmarking
July 18, 2008
Multi-stream HD Flight Simulator recording and bookmarking using IP Video Systems Digital Media Servers (DMS) products

ipvs_itec2008_defense_small-DesktopFLV Video Embed by v1.9

Netcentric Operations in Defense
Challenges of Defense System Integrators and Department of Defense:

IP Video System's V2D systems are designed to leverage and maximize usage of high-performance computing and visualization resources as well as high definition video equipment. V2D systems enable real-time transport of high-quality, analog and digital, mono and stereoscopic video images over Ethernet and IP packet based networks. This enables remote access of data on any high-performance computer from multiple desktops or visualization centers, for unparalleled real-time analysis capabilities, with real-time audio, remote keyboard and mouse control enabling a completely interactive experience. It can also be used for high definition, low latency video distribution, such as used in HD video conferencing.

The V2D systems incorporate state-of-the-art, hardware-based compression technologies optimized for high-end visualization applications and integrate this with video, audio and control data on a robust and easy-to-use platform. The encoder provides fully visually lossless compression for high resolution graphical streams and high definition video. The solution is extremely resilient to packet loss so that it can cope with any quality of data network. The systems can be connected to Ethernet local area, campus and metro networks as well as wide area IP networks supporting distributed visualization collaboration and remote access applications over any distance.

Result and Benefits
High quality netcentric experiments, tests and simulations can be conducted on a global basis involving hundreds of networked participants

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