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YBK enterprises provides advanced visual collaboration solutions for real-time sharing, recording and distribution of video, graphics, audio and data over internet and data networks.

Our real-time streaming and recording solutions have been deployed in mission critical systems in defense, space missions, medical and pharmaceutical, and oil & gas exploration markets. Our time-sync frame accurate multiple stream playback and multi-site pvr capabilities allow critical events to be played and reviewed in real-time in full resolution and at the same visual quality and fidelity as the original sources. Our real-time multi stream capture, relaying and recording solutions allows teams to review and distribute recorded contents after the event for brief/debrief sessions.

Our collaborative solutions allow real-time viewing and streaming of high-resolution desktop graphics and ultra HD video content over any distance with low latency. In addition, integrated remote desktop application control allows globally distributed work force to interact and participate in real-time, allowing real-time decision making and team collaboration resulting in enhanced productivity.



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V2D XP 200
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