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Aerospace Advanced Visual Collaboration Solutions

Boeing's P8A Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) Simulation & Training

P-8A Program

21st Century Navy ISR&T Mission


IP Video Systems is proud to support the Boeing P-8A Program developed for 21st Century Navy ISR&T Mission

Transport, Capture and Playback
IP Video Systems real-time V2D XP-200 hardware encoders/decoders are used for real-time streaming of the simulation and training screens over standard data (IP) networks.

p8a console

YBK Telecollaboration
P-8A Console Screens (Simulation and Training)

IP Video Systems’ V2D XP 200-D Ultra HD Encoder/Decoder
XP200 med

IP Video Systems’ V2D XP 200 with integrated multi channel, dual link DVI functionality of Ultra HD encoding (Tx) and decoding (Rx) in a single unit, delivers real-time streaming of 4 mega-pixel resolution graphics and video over IP networks with higher frame rates.

The V2D XP 200 product incorporates state-of-the-art encoding and decoding technologies optimized for net-centric simulation and high-end visualization applications, integrating video, audio and control data on a robust and easy-to-use platform.
Real-time Ultra HD video, graphics, collaboration and streaming
The V2D XP200 offers unparalleled video streaming and collaboration capabilities, with real-time video and graphics, audio and remote keyboard/mouse control creating a completely interactive experience among users on a global basis

Dense Form Factor (DFF)

  • Integrated Encoder/Decoder function in 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • 1 Tx plus 1 Rx or 2 Tx's or 2 Rx's configuration

Ultra HD 4-megapioxel high resolution modes

  • 2560 x 1600 and beyond video and graphics support

Higher frame rates on 2 megapixel modes

  • 1280 x 1024 @ 72 fps
  • 1600 x 1200 @ 48 fps
  • 1920 x 1080 @ 48 fps

Complete remote interactivity

  • Keyboard, mouse, USB and RS-232 peripherals
  • Integrated point-to-point stereo audio

True Plug and Play design

  • Host hardware and software independent
  • Resolution/refresh rate independent

3D Stereoscopic graphics support

XP200 backpanel
V2D XP 200-D Ultra HD Encoder/Decoder (Backpanel)

The V2D XP 200 integrates 2 dual-link DVI channels allowing configuration of Tx’s and Rx’s in any combination: 1 Tx and 1 Rx, 2 Tx’s, or 2 Rx’s in a single-rack mount unit (1 RU). The software controlled configuration offers convenience and flexibility of a multi channel or bi-directional high resolution video, graphics and audio extender, allowing configured locations to view and control the graphics and video in real time. Multiple remote locations can simultaneously view and control the source application using only a display, keyboard, and mouse.

IP Video Systems’ Digital Media Server (DMS-1500)
IP Video Systems’ latest (DMS-1500) product offers the ability for multiple, high-definition video and graphics streams (up to 50 HD streams per DMS unit) to be recorded in sync and played back with exactly the same high resolution and frame rate at a later time. The DMS-1500’s ability to capture, bookmark, annotate, archive and deliver video streams at full HD resolution has widespread applications in defense simulation and training applications.

The DMS-1500’s real-time recording, relaying and switching feature allows HD video streams to be distributed to multiple clients at full resolution at their available network bandwidth rates.  The DMS-1500’s web-browser based media library interface and its integrated software player allow easy access to live or recorded content from any PC desktop or notebook over standard IP network.

HD video and graphics recording & streaming over IP Networks
  • Record V2D, MPEG, UDP and DIS data streams over IP networks
  • Up to 50 HD streams in unicast mode
  • Records streams of up to 2560 x 1600 @ 24 fps

Multi-stream synchronous recording, relaying and playback

  • Simultaneously record and playback up to 50 HD streams, either as a synchronized session  or as independent streams
  • Stream live and time-shifted recording at user available bandwidth rates

Real-time recording and playback with PVR

  • Control playback with Pause/Resume, Restart, Skip back, and Skip Forward
  • Access live-session and recorded content from PC desktop/notebook

Full web-based management

  • Start multi-stream pre-configured recording programs with single click
  • Real-time configuration and streaming status

Bookmarking and annotation  

  • Add bookmark and annotation to live and recorded sessions.
  • Playback and review bookmarked key events and notes from recordings

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